Kids Division

Registration for kids will be on-site, May 9th 2020, at 12:30PM at The Blind Tiger Biloxi Beach

Fishing will be from 1:00PM to 4:00PM

[Preliminary Rules – Check Final Version Prior To The Event]

Updated: May 15, 2019


  • Registration is at 12:30PM and fishing is from 1:00PM to 4:00PM
  • CCA will be onsite hosting a kids casting for conservation event.

    • This category is for all kids who don’t fall under the Kidz Outdoors category mentioned below.
  • The MS Gulf Coast Kidz Outdoors Chapter will host a fishing event for preregistered Kidz.

    • This is for kids with special needs who are involved with Kidz Outdoors. For more information on Kidz Outdoors, Click Here.
  • This event is FREE for kids to participate in

  • Kids 16 and under are invited to participate.

  • All kids must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian **KIDS MAY NOT BE DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP LATER**

  • The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the well-being of that child while they are on site

  • Kids will not be entered into the Joes and Pros Tournament to win prizes UNLESS they pay the $100 tournament entry fee

  • Upon paying the entry fee, kids are entered into all categories of the tournament (Trout Championship, Slot Red, Largest Red, Kayak, Women’s – if female)


How We Measure

Total Length is measured from the most forward point of the head, with the mouth closed, to the farthest tip of the tail with the tail compressed or squeezed, while the fish is lying on its side.

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