General Rules - Joes & Pros Fishing Series

Joes & Pros Fishing Series

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 General Rules

*These are general rules for all Joes and Pros Fishing Series Tournaments. For more specific rules per event, visit the individual tournament specific pages

    1. By paying the entrance fee, all participating anglers affirmatively state that they are properly licensed to fish in this tournament, or are legally exempt, and shall comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws during its course. All tournament rules apply to all anglers, whether or not the angler attended the Captains Meeting.
    2. Entry is not transferable to anyone.
  2. Measuring Devices
    1. Acceptable measuring boards include those able to be purchased in stores or online. No homemade devices will be accepted. See below for a list of accepted measuring boards. Any other brand must be submitted and approved by the tournament director prior to the start of the tournament via Facebook Messenger on the Joes and Pros Facebook page.
      1. Hawg Trough by Hagen’s
      2. Check-it Stick
      3. FishStik Version 2 by YakGear (with bump board arrows and slide-locks)
      4. Ketch Products Measuring Board
      5. Frabill Benchmark Measuring Board
  1. Submitting Catches
    1. All fish must be taken using a fishing rod, line, and hook during the tournament. All IGFA rules apply
    2. Fish must appear to be alive. If fish appears to be dead, mutilated, frozen, mangled, or otherwise damage, or it appears to have been mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered, the photo will be denied.
    3. Anglers will submit all catches using the TourneyX app
      1. Measurements must be made using an approved measuring device (see list of accepted measuring boards)
      2. Measurements must be taken in inches only
      3. Measuring boards must be easily readable. Faded numbers or lines that make measurement verification not possible will result in a disqualified fish
    4. Fish must be lying flat, the head facing to the left, tail facing to the right, the belly facing towards the angler, and the mouth closed in a natural resting position centered against the start of the measuring device.
      1. Fish facing wrong direction – disqualified fish 
      2. Mouth open – 1″ deduction
    5. Verify that the fish’s head is in contact with the measuring board fence. Inability of the judge to verify will result in a penalty of 1”.
    6. Photo must be taken from directly above NOT from an angle
    7. Images may not be digitally altered or enhanced in any way
    8. Anglers are responsible for having pictures clear and visible for judge’s view.
      1. Each digital photo submitted in each Event must be of a different fish. Subsequent digital photos of the same fish submitted by the same Competitor in an Event will be denied and angler may be disqualified.
      2. No hooks, grips, or any other method of holding a fish by the mouth can be used during the photo
    9. Each competitor must use a mobile phone with camera or a digital camera or video camera capable of producing still photos with memory card and/or download cable to submit digital photographs.
    10. When a Competitor’s smart phone becomes inoperable or is lost, he may share smart phones with other Competitors, provided each Competitor logs into his own TourneyX account in order to submit photos of fish he caught. Competitor under the same circumstances may share digital cameras, provided each Competitor can clearly and positively identify photos of the fish he caught. Violation will result in denial of photo.
    11. The angler who submits the largest total inches of fish will win the tournament
    12. Released fish are encouraged, but not required


    1. Two fingers must be placed on center of fish. Full hand cannot cover large parts of the body, dorsal, or pectoral fins. If either end of the fish is covered or cropped off, the photo will be denied.
    2. Photo must be taken with the fish on the measuring device, angler identification number, and event ID code clearly readable in the picture. Any photo not containing the identification numbers, only part of the number, or the number is not easily readable will be disqualified
  1. Judging
    1. Judges will round down to the closest 1/4th inch from where the tail lies
    2. The judges and tournament director will verify submitted photos and have final say on the length of the fish submitted
    3. If there is a questionable photo, the judges may ask the tournament director to step in to make the final decision on the length of the submitted fish
    4. All photos must be submitted before the end time of the tournament. Any photos submitted after the lines out time will be disqualified
    5. Ties will be determined by which angler submitted their last catch photos first
    6. Absolutely no cheating will be tolerated! Winning anglers may be required to submit to a polygraph examination. Any angler caught cheating or fails the polygraph will be open to a lifetime ban from all Joes and Pros Tournaments.
  2. Awards
    1. Anyone winning a prize of more than $600.00 will be required to submit a W-9 form PRIOR to receipt of any prize money
    2. The winning anglers will receive prize money AFTER all submitted photos have been verified and a W-9 form has been submitted if applicable

Approved Measuring Sticks

  1. Hawg Trough by Hagen’s
  2. Check-it Stick
  3. FishStik Version 2 by YakGear (with bump board arrows and slide-locks)
  4. Ketch Products Measuring Board
  5. Frabill Benchmark Measuring Board